Lafayette, Indiana

Project Facts

  • 96 Ea. 18" Dia secant piles 52' approx. length, total drillinng - 4992 LF under limited headroom

  • Soldier pile wood lagging temporary earth retention system for the first 10 feet of excavation totaling 880 Sq. Ft.

  • Installation of 4576 Sq. of tangent / secant wall under limited headroom

  • Installation of 42" casing for drop shaft 60' in depth


  • Installation of a drop shaft 55' deep x 22' square inside an existing building with limited headroom to create a Casting Pit for Nanshan America

  • Utilizing temporary earth retention systems, permanent earth retention systems, struts & walers, water extraction systems, secant piles, and the main drilled drop shaft in the center of the excavated pit in existing Nanshan America building


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