East Fork Lake

Clermont County, OH

Project completed for:

Clermont Co. Sewer District

Project Facts

  • Installed 12 54" diameter caissons drilled 40' into rock for uplift resistance of the 7' thick tremie seal
  • 5 levels of W36x300# ring walers provided lateral support for cofferdam during dewatered state
  • 15,765 Sq. Ft. of sheet piles 95 ft. in length


Marine Construction Design-Build Project

  • 54' octagon shapped cofferdam with caissons drilled 40' into rock, dewatered 80' below the lakes pool elevation including walers for support when dewatering
  • This was the installation of the deepest single wall dewatered cofferdam ever constructed, design by Douglas Keller, P.E. of Goettle

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